First Time Investors

Realize Properties believes property is a good, safe long term investment. Over the past 40 years the value of residential property has risen by between 10-12% compounding per year. With a growing population and changing demographics, the demand for rental properties and homes is increasing.

With low interest rates, now is a great time to start building your own portfolio. At Realize Properties we believe everyone can benefit from using property to invest for a better future and to achieve financial security for themselves and their family. The key is selection, what, where and how. 

Although it is reasonably easy to purchase a property and make a gain over time, it can be a much greater success to select the property tat will cash flow more easily and have other benefits. Tax credits and value adding opportunities are only two of the many benefits property can create, however consideration of the benefits and what you want to achieve is important. They can be deciding factors in the selection process.

Do you know what property would suit you the best?

We can assist you through the maze.

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