How To Invest In Property

Consider if you want to retire in a certain time frame or with a particular financial sum in mind, or a passive scenario with a steady income stream. Then you need to create an investment plan that will achieve this aim.

To establish a plan, you next need to identify and determine your [risk, tax and capacity] profiles as well as your resources.

What resources do I have to work with to invest:

  • Surplus income to attribute to the chosen strategy.

  • Tax profile - normally a liability, potentially an income stream.

  • Serviceability for bank finance, how much leverage can be obtained from the bank?

  • Capital - how much money or equity do I have, or need to invest?

  • Time - how much time do I have or need to commit to the investing process?

  • Skills - knowledge is key to growing wealth and keeping it. 


Once we find out your goal/s for investing, the amount of capital you have to invest along with the financial backing of a bank or lending institution, we can go to work on the product and location selection to meet your investing objectives. For example:

  • New or old

  • Low or high value

  • One or multiple properties


If you require some more information or wish to contact us, please call or email our Property Investment Team on 08 8359 8367