As an owner of an investment property you are among a minority of the population actively building for a better financial future. You may already know that the 200 wealthiest people in Australia have either made their wealth or are holding their wealth in property. 

We love property!

Property and people are our passion. We have personally been property investors for many years. Our belief is that property is by far the safest and most leverage-able product in all of the investment classes. A well chosen property along with the appropriate strategy is a powerful wealth building vehicle that can also be a great tax product. Are you maximising your allowable tax deductions?


Asset Management

One of the most common questions asked is...

'How can we get a really great tenant and reduce risk?'

Our answer... Select your Property Manager carefully


Realize Properties was created to provide a high level of professional management services, largely due to the founders personal disappointments and frustration with the management of their properties. We are convinced that having a great Property Manager is one of the most important elements in ensuring your success as an investor. We understand your risk and we strive to provide our clients with what they need.

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