How We Control Marketing Costs

We only invest in marketing methods which we believe will attract the right buyer for your property. 


Most people are connected to the internet through multiple devices. There is a multitude of Apps for iPhone/iPad's and Android based Smart Phones that allow people to view, search, and be alerted at any time for a property in an area of their choice or price range they are interested in and with enough bedrooms for everyone.

Our experience is that people use every means possible to find their property, which leaves us with one conclusion, your property needs to be online.

These are some the sites we will use:        

Paper Advertising 

There is no need for an extravagant advertisement in the newspaper. This medium is obsolete.

Social Media

Social media sites bring people relevant, informative industry news, articles, announcements and upcoming events. It is a way of listing your property where consumers are sharing and talking. This encourages spontaneous real time conversations within a large community of potential buyers. 

Information Matching 

We identify the needs of buyers continually and keep the information, continually matching to potential properties we have available. If you list your property with us, it is most likely we already have a few potential buyers waiting. There is no additional cost to you for this. By listing your property with us your property instantly gains exposure to our registry of buyers. 

Sales Team

At Realize Properties, we want you to be confident in knowing you are dealing with a real estate company that is focused on high quality service. All members of our eager team are dedicated to customer service and understand the philosophy behind our drive for a high service culture. We want to make the sale of your property an easy, stress-free process. 

Window Display

We advertise your property in the front window of our office, at no extra cost.  




Key Information To Assist You

12 Keys to Selling Your Home

Download our guide for Selling Your Home here

Property Certificate of Title Types 

We know there is a diverse range of property types, eg, flats, units, apartments, townhouses or freestanding homes. However, there are also different ways they are titled and registered with the Land Titles Office LTO.

Download the full document here