The Realize Difference

The investment you make in property is your future and is heavily tied to your financial security. Therefore, at Realize Properties we know that managing your property is a very important task.

Realize Properties has the experience to ensure that your property is matched with the most suitable tenant. Tight screening processes and thorough background checks are performed prior to presenting the information to you for final approval. This is coupled with regular inspections and written reports keeping you informed at all times about the well-being of your property.

When it comes to maintaining your investment, we keep you up to date with early detection of problems that may arise. The extra care we take at . Realize Properties could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

With Realize Properties you can have the confidence and trust that your valuable asset is being well managed.

With our property management:

  • We pay you twice a month, and then you can pay your loan twice a month, reducing mortgage costs.

  • We ensure open communication.

  • We return your calls.

  • If we have to call you, 'We Won't Call Without a Solution'.