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5 Questions To Ask Your Adelaide Property Manager

If you’re thinking of engaging an Adelaide property manager to take care of your rental in South Australia, it’s important to do your due diligence and ask the following questions:

  1. How many property managers will be looking after my property?

If it’s just a one-person band, who will be managing your property and solving problems when they’re sick or away on leave? Do they have a team that can step in and ensure continuity of quality service, or will you be left in the lurch?

At Realize Properties, we ensure there are always at least two property managers fully briefed on your portfolio with us. One property manager will be your main point of contact for ease of communication, but there will always be another ready to step in if needed.

  • Do you thoroughly vet prospective tenants?

The right tenant for the right property can make a world of difference—after all, it should go without saying that a happy tenant equals a happy landlord.

We ensure all tenants are painstakingly vetted and matched to each property. We even have a database of tenants ready to go which can help save on advertising and marketing costs. This lets you start making money sooner by getting a trusted tenant into your rental quickly.

  • Do you conduct thorough inspections?

While we’ve all heard the horror stories of neglected and trashed rentals in South Australia, the truth is these nightmarish situations can be avoided through checks and balances such as the performance of regular and detailed inspections.

Our Adelaide property managers—many who are landlords themselves—pride themselves on the thoroughness of their property inspections. It’s about giving you confidence your rental is being looked after by a team that cares and doesn’t take shortcuts.

  • Do you offer an ‘off-the-shelf’ management fee or is it tailored to my exact needs?

By tailoring our fees to the services we’re providing, we can ensure you’re being fairly charged for the work we’re performing. This can save you money by removing unnecessary expenses and by also accounting for factors such as the amount of your rental income as well as whether we’re managing more than one property for you.

  • How often will you pay me?

Many property managers only pay out rental fees to landlords once a month. We understand the important of cashflow however so commit to pay you twice a month.

Contact Realize Properties today for a passionate team of experienced Adelaide property managers who make being a landlord easy.

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