How Much Are Property Management Fees In Adelaide?

When it comes to property management fees in Adelaide, it’s important to understand that local managers typically charge an amount that is a percentage of your rental income.

At Realize Properties, we don’t offer a standard ‘off-the-shelf’ management fee as we tailor our services and fees to individual circumstances. This way we can also account for factors such as the size of your rental income and if we’re managing multiple properties for you.

Further to your regular management fee, there are additional property management costs you should be aware of. These include:

Letting fees

These cover the costs of us signing a tenant, writing up lease agreements, and preparing an entry condition report and documentation.

Marketing fees

These cover the costs of advertising your property.

Thanks to our well-established networks and the leading tools at our disposal, we’re often able to avoid marketing fees for our clients entirely by sourcing vetted tenants without needing to resort to paid advertising.

Lease renewal fees

This is charged when extending a lease as we need to appraise your property, provide rental recommendations, and follow up with a new contract or lease extension documentation.

Inspection fees

We pride ourselves on conducting thorough inspections so you can have peace of mind that your property is in safe hands. These inspections take time as—if required—photos are taken of any maintenance issues and detailed records are kept of the condition of your property. Inspection fees cover this time investment and the important work undertaken by us for tracking purposes.

Maintenance work

Property maintenance is paid by landlords via rent money received or via funds requested by us to be held in trust.

We keep detailed records of all revenue and expenditure moving into and out of trust and provide all our landlord clients with access to our online portal. This provides you with complete transparency over what funds of yours are being held in our trust account.

Percentage of maintenance fees and admin fees

Some Adelaide property managers charge a percentage of maintenance fees and monthly admin fees—we don’t so we can instead pass more value onto you.  

So what fees are tenants responsible for?

In general, tenants are required to cover the cost of consumables, utilities like gas and electricity, and water supply and usage.

Tenants are also responsible for weeding, mowing, and watering gardens—whereas landlords are responsible for pruning trees and plants that are above shoulder height.

When do landlords receive their rent money?

While many property managers pay their landlords once a month, we commit to pay you twice each month as we understand how important cashflow can be.

At Realize Properties, we help you get clear on property management fees in Adelaide so you can be confident you have a team of property managers acting in your best interests.

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