If you’ve got an investment property, or if you’re looking at getting one, you’re also likely asking these questions: what do property managers do and do I need one?

In short, Adelaide property managers like our team at Realize Properties do what the name suggests—we manage your South Australian investment property for you. This frees up your time, reduces stress, and empowers you to maximise your return on investment.

10 things our specialist property managers in Adelaide do to make life easy:

  1. We market your property to potential tenants.
  2. We screen for quality, trusted tenants.
  3. We manage your lease arrangements and all relevant paperwork.
  4. We collect rent and pay it to you on a fortnightly basis.
  5. We maintain accurate financial records regarding rent and property-related expenses.
  6. We conduct regular inspections of your property and keep detailed photographic records of its condition.
  7. We are the first point of contact for tenants should they require anything.
  8. We arrange repairs, maintenance, and upkeep tasks.
  9. We stay up to date on legislation regarding landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities.
  10. We give you peace of mind that your investment property is in safe hands.

Still not sure what does a property manager do and how they can help in your specific circumstances?

Our experienced property managers at Realize Properties are more than happy to have a friendly chat.

We can assist with managing rental properties throughout metropolitan Adelaide, surrounding suburbs, and greater South Australia.

You can even claim the management fees on your tax!

Whether or not it will be your first time as a landlord, we can tailor our Adelaide property management services so they meet your needs and regardless of the size—small or large—of your property portfolio.For help understanding what do property managers do, contact us today. Our Adelaide property managers at Realize Properties can support and guide you on your landlord and investment property journey.

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